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Pro Gun Control Advocates Point to Staggering Gun Control Statistics

Written by Pro Gun Control. Posted in Homepage

Pro gun control
Those in favor of stronger gun control laws have gun control statistics on their side. But for every pro gun control person, there is an anti gun control person with other gun control statistics that support their theories and feelings. This hotly debated topic will continue its reign as the No. 1 discussion in the entire country right now, with gun control statistics thrown around on both sides of this debate. Until Congress or the president makes a decision and carries through with it, though, we are stuck with our current gun control laws, whether we like them or not. On the side in favor of stronger laws, gun control statistics help prove the theory that most people who are buying guns illegally are the ones causing the most destruction around the country. Gun experts have thrown out the concept that 1 percent of the gun industry is run illegally and by some pretty shady people who are unconcerned about where the guns they sell end up, and on the other side of the counter are the people who want to truly hurt others. Most people who buy guns through the proper means today use them for legal purposes like hunting and for protection, as is their Second Amendment right. However, for that small segment of the national populous who wants to do harm and who chooses to purchase guns through illegal and amoral means rather than through the proper channels there still remain plenty of opportunities to do so. Gun control laws are hardly enforced, and so people like those who have made headlines over the past year or so have obtained firearms with the intent to harm and kill. And most of them should never have had the chance to purchase or pick up a gun. For those still wanting stronger measures to protect people from guns, gun control statistics paint a picture of a world in which people are continually living in fear. Guns are too easy to get, they are too simple to purchase, and it is entirely too easy to get around the system, which is not even watching anyway. The government agency charged with overseeing the sale and purchase of guns has little actual control over any type of enforcement here; and until that day comes, the department will have its hands tied, and so will people trying to sell guns through legal channels.