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Who Needs Gun Control Articles?

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Gun control article
Some people ask whether gun control articles serve any purpose. These articles have analyzed the gun control pros and cons thoroughly. Gun control articles have been keeping the gun control debate alive in the media. But considering the fact that almost all issues relating to gun control have been so thoroughly discussed both in gun control articles and other forums, the question may arise as to whether we need any more of these articles. However, I feel that gun control articles are needed till the time our lawmakers decide to bring in strong gun control laws. Though all the issues regarding gun control might have been discussed already, we find that more and more gun control facts are coming out every day. With gun violence remaining unabated, it is only natural that gun crime statistics get updated almost continuously. Gun control articles take up the task of presenting the issue in the background of updated gun control facts. Apart from listing new data relating to gun death statistics, gun control articles also analyze the information and arrive at the appropriate conclusions. For example, statistics show that nearly 40 percent of the children know where their parents keep the guns in their houses. A gun control article will discuss the consequence of children getting the guns in their hands and will make the readers understand the need for imposing reasonable restrictions on gun ownership. Rather than just reporting that studies have revealed that in areas that have a large number of guns, the suicide rates are high, a gun control article essay will point out that this information goes against the argument of the pro gun lobby that gun ownership will give protection to the family members of the gun owners. The fact that every year about 10,000 people die of gun violence in the United States can be used to strengthen the case for gun control. Another shocking fact that may be used by these articles is that the US is ranked worse than South Africa if the number of gun deaths per 100,000 people is computed and compared for different countries. Apart from discussing gun control facts, the gun control articles also expose the unethical actions of the people opposing gun control, like some legislators loyal to the NRA (National Rifles Association) making rules blocking the National Institute of Health from even studying gun violence.