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Alarming Gun Control Statistics

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Gun control statistics
While gun control has been a controversial and divisive topic for decades, it has never been more so than at this very moment. Given the level of damage that can be done quickly by a single firearm, as epitomized by so many tragic events of the past couple of decades, pro gun control advocates have struggled to penetrate the seemingly impenetrable armor of gun rights groups. Although gun control statistics seem to provide more than enough ammunition to support a gun control offensive, the battle for gun control has been uphill, to say the least. The most difficult obstacle faced for gun control groups, is something called the Second Amendment. Way back during the days of muskets and canon balls, the forefathers of the United States considered gun ownership important enough to warrant making it one of the fundamental rights of all law abiding American citizens. As such, gun ownership has been far and wide since the birth of the United States. However, as firearms technology improved, the potential devastation that became possible via a single firearm reached awesome levels. Due to high capacity magazines and high tech ammunition, the number of high casualty tragedies has reached alarming levels. Thus, those who are in favor of gun control, can turn to gun control statistics to make their case with confidence. Consequently, gun control has gained considerable traction over the first quarter of 2013. Yet, a long battle lies ahead. At this time, the case to regulate, and even outlaw, firearms has never been better from the perspectives of those groups that want to control gun ownership, the battle is far from over. It seems that every time that the fight for gun control takes a step forward, talks stall, no progress is made, and the gun control effort takes three steps back. Regardless of how many tragedies occur due to gun violence, it appears that the strength of the Second Amendment becomes stronger than ever. Nonetheless, gun control advocates should not lose hope, as they can always go back, assess the enemy, and reload.