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The Gun Control Controversy

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Gun control
Gun control has been one of the most polarizing of all controversies for many years. However, this has never been more true since the 1980s. But, over time, it always seems that the controversy takes a back seat to other issues, until a tragic event that occurs due to a firearm catapults gun control into the spot light. Given the number of mass tragedies committed with firearms that have occurred every few months over the past couple of years, the furor has been loud and steady. As a result, the first significant gun control laws, possibly ever, have been passes over the winter of 2013. Nonetheless, gun control still has a way to go before pro gun control advocates are satisfied. The toughest battle that gun control advocates face time after time, is the Second Amendment. Of course, the right to bear arms has been viewed as one of the very basic rights of United States citizens since the birth of the country. As such, the NRA and its staunch supporters have practically immobilized the calls for gun control, regardless of the gun control statistics used as support it. However, over the past six months, assault rifles have once again been banned, as have clips that hold more than 10 rounds. Still, it seems that calls for gun regulation have once again stalled, after it seemed something big was coming. And as always, it is due to the fact that the Second Amendment is written in such a way, that it is specific enough to express the rights of citizens, but vague enough to deflect scrutiny from opponents. There may never be any significant laws to regulate firearms, because the Second Amendment is that strong. However, most gun rights supporters already believe that gun control does exist, because they do not have rights to own any type of gun or ammunition that they desire. Still, one would be hard pressed to find a gun control advocate who would concur with this claim. In fact, until every type of firearm and ammunition is outlawed in the United States, most gun control advocates will continue to feel slighted.