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How Both Sides Woo Others Using Gun Control Statistics

Written by Pro Gun Control. Posted in Homepage

Gun control statistics
Gun control statistics in recent years have been especially helpful for pro gun control advocates. However, these statistics on gun control as well have proved useful for those who are entirely against having any stricter or stronger restrictions on the purchase, sale, and use of guns in this country. In short, both sides stand to benefit from using these gun control statistics to support their individual arguments, which are both for and against stronger gun control laws. When people like the idea of stronger and more enforcing restrictions on guns in this country, there are gun control statistics that will point to the fact that gun violence is something that is prevalent in our country and that without stronger restrictions this country will simply downward spiral into a society that fully supports guns in any way possible. They will use these gun control statistics to show both the other side and people on the fence that without stronger gun laws, people will continue to rise further and further up the amoral ladder. And in large part, they will gain the followers they have wanted to get because they have used gun control statistics that have pointed toward their argument, essentially supporting it wholeheartedly. When people are very much against the idea that guns should be controlled at all in this country, there are gun control statistics that of course will assist in supporting this argument as well. These statistics will point to the idea that nothing really will change should the country adopt stronger laws, and in fact it would just cause more traffic in Congress and more illegal purchase and sale of guns. They would argue, then, that people would find ways to get guns into their hands if they really wanted to. And in an interesting way, with the gun control statistics they have, they may very well just be right. These are not merely people who are twisting the truth just to support whatever stance they are taking. There are gun control statistics that truly support both sides, which is why this debate is so long fought and so emotionally charged too. People use them frequently in essays in school, on debate floors in government lobbies and in corporate board rooms too. They have used them for years and will continue their use of them as long as these statistics to both support and deny reasons for stronger control of guns are out there.