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See How the Pro Gun Control Crowd Feels

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Pro gun control
Much like those on the opposite side of the issue, the pro gun control crowd feels an enormous amount of passion towards their cause. They are also an incredibly diverse group. Some of those in the pro gun control movement want to see certain guns taken off the shelves, while others believe that they should be outlawed entirely. There are a number of gun control statistics that these individuals tout to help get their point across. One set of statistics that the pro gun control crowd likes to discuss is the increase in school shootings over the past two decades. Statistics like these are not exactly shocking to people these days, especially with all of the coverage that the mainstream media gives to them when they occur. However, those that are pro gun control still have a hard time showing that legal gun ownership is the problem. Those individuals that are against further gun control measures show how the majority of the gun problems in this country come not from legal gun owners, but from criminals, thugs and gang members with illegal guns. Many of these crimes occur in California, Illinois and New York, the states with the strongest gun control laws in the nation. Stats like these have a way of hampering the pro gun control argument. Many of those that passionately support the pro gun control argument have been or know victims of gun violence. They have may had friends or children that fell prey to an accident involving a gun. It is the kind of accident that is most often preventable, which makes it all the more heartbreaking. While the pro gun control and pro gun safety crowds may clash, many still hope that they can come together to find common ground.