Components of a Gun Control Essay?

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Gun death statistics
What can we expect to find in a gun control essay? If we care to go through a gun control essay and identify its components rather than browse through it cursorily, we fill find that the essay performs several functions. First of all, a gun control article will contain a number of facts and figures. These figures will definitely include gun crime statistics and other related gun control facts. Second, the essay will analyze the gun control pros and cons and indicate what conclusions can be drawn from them. The gun control essay may either explicitly give its judgment about the gun control debate or it may stop with providing a detailed analysis of gun death statistics and other relevant information and allow the readers to make their own judgments. The gun control facts a good gun control essay presents can be about the results of gun control measures in other countries. For example, the essay can reveal the fact that countries that have a smaller number of guns have reported a smaller number of guns. By way of analyzing this information, the gun control essay can compare this with the claim made by some pro gun ownership groups in the United States that having a large number of guns will be an insurance against crime. Australia’s experience in bringing down gun violence by 60 percent after the country implemented strong gun control laws can be cited. Apart from discussing gun control facts and providing an in depth analysis of these facts, the gun control essay will also examine the reaction of both the supporters and opponents of gun control. While people who support gun control have been presenting their case using facts and logical arguments, the opponents, at least some of them, have been showing themselves to be adamant and unreasonable. For example, the NRA (National Rifles Association), the leading player of the anti gun control team has been saying that it will not accept any compromise on this issue. Citing this, the gun control essay can portray the NRA as a highly paid lobby rather than an association of sportsmen, as claimed by it. The gun control essay also has a duty to expose the bias of the legislators who have been showing their loyalty to the NRA by creating rules that will come in the way of independent organizations like the National Institute of Health studying gun violence.