Why Choose Gun Control

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Gun control statistics
Gun control is an issue that has been talked about a great deal lately. Whether the media is airing another article on the alarming, and growing, trend involving people and the use of guns when committing acts of mass violence or if it involves parents trying to find the best words that are designed to help explain such acts to their children in such a way that will not frighten them unnecessarily, the issue of gun control is not far behind. It is events such as these that make many people more pro gun control than ever before. Unlike other implements that can, and are, used to harm people, guns are the only items that are made solely to kill. Even implements such as knives, hammers and the like have other uses that do not involve maiming, killing or otherwise harming people and other living beings. It is gun control statistics such as these that many proponents cite as additional reasons to take additional measures to ensure that guns of all sorts are not owned by those people who should not own them. There are many people who argue against gun control and point out that guns do not kill people but that people kill people. While it can seem like there is a validity in their argument, it is fundamentally flawed. Guns allow people to kill other people in a much quicker way that offers them the advantage of distance, silence or any number of other advantages that are not really afforded the user by other types of weapons. Many of the crimes that are committed are done so by people who have gained access to guns when they should not have been able to do so. Stricter regulations will help to close up those gaping loopholes that allow people to obtain guns when they should not have access to them in the first place.

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